Hollywood Vanity Mirrors

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Hollywood Vanity Mirrors

Are you looking to complete the perfect, glamorous dressing area? A place you can make yourself look and feel your best? Adding one of our luxurious Hollywood style vanity mirrors to your dressing area not only gives you a place to apply your make up it also completes the overall feel of this special place. We believe our Wentbridge Interiors Hollywood style vanity mirrors are the most elegant and alluring make up mirrors around. After all this piece of indulgent, extravagant furniture is sure to become a girl’s best friend!

Hollywood Style Vanity Mirrors


All of our vanity mirrors are mains operated and feature LED light bulbs with dimming function to allow you to set the light to the perfect level for you. With two sizes available, which contain either six or nine light bulbs, and high quality heavy bases, you are sure to fall in love with these elegant pieces. Our current range of seven vanity mirrors are inspired by the Hollywood stars of the past, and aim to add the same level of glamour to your home as these leading ladies did to the big screen.

Bardot & Hepburn

If you are looking for total glitz and glamour in your Hollywood style vanity mirror look no further than our pair of Bardot and Hepburn. These stunning mirrors feature and inlay of tiny sparkling crystals that surround the frame of the mirror and create an opulent and fascinating feature. Bardot is the smaller of the pair at 70cm tall and 50cm wide and contains six LED light bulbs.

Bardot Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

Hepburn is larger with a height of 77cm and a width of 60cm and has nine LED light bulbs. If you love the design of these vanity mirrors and would like to add the same dazzling sparkle to the rest of your home the Sorella table lamps by Wentbridge Interiors contain the same tiny crystals and mirrored segments.

Hepburn Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror


A classically designed Hollywood style vanity mirror is the Bergman in our collection. This mirror features six LED light bulbs and a beautiful mirror framework that is 70cm tall and 50cm wide. The mirror is created with five segments of clear glass that sit on a substantial mirror plinth.

Bergman Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror


The timeless Hayworth vanity mirror creates a clean and elegant centrepiece in your dressing room. The large mirror is 77cm tall and 60cm wide and features a single piece of mirrored glass that would look perfect in any setting. The mirror frame is surrounded with nine LED light bulbs. Weighing 13KG this is a substantial mirror that will perfectly sit in an understated and classy setting.

Heyworth Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

Garland, Monroe & Taylor

Our trio of Garland, Monroe and Taylor Hollywood style vanity mirrors offer a little something different to add to your themed dressing area. This selection of mirrors features contrasting outer mirror panels that add additional interest which are perfect if you would like to tie in other colours that are part of your theme. The Wentbridge Interiors Garland Hollywood style vanity mirror has a sophisticated grey finish outer frame which the nine LED light bulbs sit. If your dressing area contains grey and silver colours this is the perfect vanity mirror to compliment your style.

Garland Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

If you are creating a clean, white dressing area the Monroe vanity mirror is the ideal companion. This mirror has a white finish mirrored outer edge which frames the centre pane perfectly.

Monroe Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

Lastly the Taylor Hollywood style vanity mirror, which also features nine LED light bulbs, has a smoked mirror frame which would look especially effective with contrasting pink or white accessories.

 Taylor Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror

All of our Wentbridge Interiors Hollywood style vanity mirrors are supplied with replacable LED light bulbs, integrated dimmer switches and substantial bases. These are high quality products that are designed to last, and to finish off your beloved dressing area perfectly. They also make the perfect, extravagant gift for a special person!