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    236 products
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    Euston Small Chandelier

    Euston Small Chandelier

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    • Maximum Drop: 200CM
    • Minimum Drop: 64CM
    • Chandelier Width: 50CM
    • Max Wattage: 8 x 5W LED
    • WEIGHT: 10KG
    • Dimmable

    If you are looking for an on trend gold chandelier then here it is! The beautiful Euston chandelier is finished in a a wonderful golden bronze and combines a classic shape frame with a large gold band and tiers of suspended glass rods. The classic chandelier shape, updated with modern touches, make this light one of our personal favourites! This chandelier is perfect hung lower above a bed or table where its full beauty can be admired. There is a larger size & matching wall light available in the Euston collection. 

    The glass rods can be arranged in either an alternating or flat pattern to suit your favourite look!

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